Travels with Charley

A few months ago, my wife Rochelle and I decided that our Photography Obsession would be greatly enhanced with the addition of a new motorhome.  Long thought was given to the decision (I’m sure that sounds familiar to most of you) and compromises needed to be made.  Did we want to roll around the country in absolute comfort, bringing along half of our household inventory.? Or, did we want to be nimble and quick so we could capture those little bits of the day that seem to disappear before you can say “Stop right here!”.

SONY DSCI won’t bore you with the details.  After everything was considered, we decided the Roadtrek Agile fit our needs perfectly.  No longer than a big pickup truck, we could drive, maneuver and park like a car.  Perfect for those little turnouts on the side of the road.  But the Agile is also a fully equipped motorhome, so we didn’t have to forgo our much-beloved creature comforts.  And, if you’re reading this, you probably have, or soon will, come to the same conclusion. Continue reading