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Ten Great Tips for Photographing Your Roadtrek

If you’re like me, you love your Roadtrek.  It’s your baby.  And, much like a new baby, you want to show it off.  And what better way to show it off than in pictures!  My wife Rochelle and I came up with some photography tips to help you showcase your Roadtrek Class B Van Conversion like it’s never been seen before.  So pick up your camera, or your smartphone, and let’s go shooting.

Trick #1

Play with scale.

Your Roadtrek is a pretty big beast, but we all love them because they’re so much smaller than the alternatives.

Charley looks huge next to regular cars.
Charley looks huge next to regular cars.

You can play with that size difference by photographing your van against a variety of backgrounds.  Want to show how big it is?  Then show it off against the typical passenger car, or shoot from a low perspective.  Want to make it appear smaller?  Nature is your answer.  A 10-foot tall motorhome is nothing compared to a 3,000 foot tall granite rock. Continue reading

A Year Later and Our Roadtrek Agile has Evolved from a RV to a Second Home.

It’s all about the accessories!  Yup, we’ve had our Roadtrek Agile “Charley” for a just about a year now, and it really has passed our expectations.  Meet Charley, our Roadtrek AgileWe wanted a comfortable, easy to maneuver “home away from home” for our photographic adventures, and Charley has come through with flying colors.  That doesn’t mean, however, that the motorhome was 100% ready to go when we brought it home.  We’ve put a lot of time and effort sourcing some thoughtful purchases and integrating some useful, but very modest, modifications.

I thought I’d devote this blog post to some of the things we’ve added to Charley that make life on the road a little bit easier.  If you’re looking for a story on photography, I’m sorry but this time it’s all about the motorhome. Continue reading

A Little Bit about Charley

Charley, our new Roadtrek Motorhome, is officially named the Agile SS, with the SS standing for Short Sprinter.  It’s about 19 1/2 feet long (more like 20 1/2 with the continental kit on the back), six feet wide and nearly 10 feet tall from the ground to the top of the air conditioner.  Charley started out life as a Mercedes Sprinter Van, with a nice turbo-diesel engine that gets nearly 20 miles per gallon.  The folks up in Canada at the Roadtrek plant modified the van and added loads of standard features, including a power sofa that converts to a bed, a small, but usable bathroom with shower and a pretty complete kitchen.  There’s all of the standard motorhome features as well, like a built-in generator, water heater, television, inverter, etc.

The selling factor for us wasn’t really how much Charley resembles a larger motorhome, but how much Charely reminds us of a car.  We can drive it like a car.  Park it like a car.  Store it like a car (well, it doesn’t fit in the garage, but that’s another story.)  For photographers, it’s the perfect combination.  We can sleep in it.  Eat it in.  Shower in it.  And we can also make those unplanned quick-stops at the side of the road when we see a photo opportunity.  We can also easily park it at events, street fairs and other busy tourist spots. Continue reading