About Us


Hi there.  I’m Kevin Reilly and I’m happy to see you visiting the Roadshooters website.  My wife Rochelle and I are avid digital photographers who have recently purchased our first Class B motorhome, named Charley.  This site is dedicated to all of the Motorhome travelers out there (especially the ones driving Class B’s) who share our passion for photography.   Here’s a little bit about the two of us.

Covered in CamerasRochelle is a “whatever I see, I can capture in pictures” type of photographer.  Just when I think she has focused on a particular type of photography or style, she changes gears and rushes off to master another.  She’s a wizard at photo editing, using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and a host of third-party plug-ins.  And recently she’s been focusing on mixed media digital art using Corel’s Painter x3.   Her favorite camera lens is the exotic Sony 135mm STF.  Based on an unique Minolta design, the STF produces the creamiest bokeh you can find, perfect for portrait and macro photography.    Rochelle is happy to share her expertise with both photography and photo editing and will be a major contributor to our blog.

IMG_2489So that leaves me as the “traditionalist” in the family.  Well, not really.  If I were a real traditionalist, I’d still be shooting film.  But I mostly like doing black and white photography of landscapes, bridges, trains and other impressive subjects.   I guess there’s a group of people who like my style of photography, as I’ve won numerous awards for my black and white prints.   My favorite lens is the Sony 16-55, and it’s usually set at 16mm.  I like the big picture.

Rochelle and I both shoot Sony Alpha cameras, and we have a host of Sony and Minolta lenses.  We also carry around two big Manfrotto tripods.  You might be thinking, “how do you get all of that gear into a class B?”  Well, that’s one of the stories for the blog.  For now, welcome.  Feel free to ask questions and share your opinions.  We’re looking forward to getting to know you.