Everything You Need to Know to Win Your Next Photography Contest

RibbonsDo you dream about seeing one of those big, fat, royal blue ribbons adorned over one of your favorite photographs?  It’s a major accomplishment to win a ribbon at a photo contest, and it can be a milestone on your path to photographic excellence.   But every path has to have a beginning, and I’m going to help your find yours in my latest story at Improve Photography.   You can find the story here.

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  1. Good article, Kevin (no surprise!), even interesting for someone who has never entered a photo contest in her life and likely never will. I had been wishing I knew how to make my own photo mats but your article convinced me that using pre-made mats would be a better way to go.

  2. Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing this information. Not only is it informative for entering and winning contests but I found it very helpful for selecting, printing, framing and hanging any picture. Your article is an inspiration to step up and enter a contest.

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