Protect your camera, and yourself, from the rain

It’s raining here in Sonora today.  Not much of a rain, it’s really more of a sprinkle.  Most of the time you’d pay little attention to a few drops falling on your head.  But when you’re out shooting, that little bit of rain can be a big SONY DSCpain in the, well you know where it hurts, don’t you?  It’s especially annoying if you’re waiting for the perfect shot.  You know the one, when the clouds part and the sunshine blasts through in those gorgeous rays, and maybe you even see a rainbow.  But all of that gorgeousness isn’t going to mean a thing if your camera and lens are sopping wet.  A year or two ago I had a great idea (Hey, a great idea every year or two isn’t bad if you add them all up) and I came up with a cool way to protect myself when I was shooting in the rain.  It’s called a Tribrella, and it’s such a simple idea, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

A Tribrella is simply one of those clamp-on umbrellas that attach to your folding camp chair.  Fit it onto your tripod and your camera and you are instantly covered.   How easy is that?  But, you do need to find the right umbrella.    Here are the requirements:

  • It should come in two parts, or be collapsible.
  • The clamp needs to be big enough to fit onto the center pole of your tripod.SONY DSC
  • It should be just big enough to cover your camera and you.  Too big and the wind could toss your whole setup to the ground.
  • And the most important part — the clamp needs to fit onto a vertical post. (Most of these umbrellas are designed to fit a horizontal post)
  • Finally, it’s nicest if it comes in its own bag.

SONY DSCI found mine several years ago and I’m sorry to say I can’t remember where I bought it. But you can pick  up similar ones online at Amazon for $20 or less.   And keep your eyes open when you’re walking around discount stores, or even thrift stores.  They’re out there.  You just have to find one.



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  1. Need me one of these rigs!! You’ll be happy to know that I haven’t been taking the Nikon into the surf like I used to!! I use my iPhone {with waterproof case} and my old waterproof Olympus P&S instead! Need to stretch the lifespan of that Nikon!!

    Gorgeous photos you guys. So wonderful that the two of you have this hobby together and can travel around in style while shootin’ up the country!!

  2. I remember when you invented the Tribella and we thought it had high neat-o factor! I still want a mini-version to wear on my hat and keep *me* out of the rain. Do you suppose one of those little smartphone tripod thingies would work? Uh… guess that would require an awfully small umbrella. Seriously, this idea is really do-able and easy to pack too. People should be packing an umbrella for themselves anyway in inclement situations. Inspired idea!

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