A Little Bit about Charley

Charley, our new Roadtrek Motorhome, is officially named the Agile SS, with the SS standing for Short Sprinter.  It’s about 19 1/2 feet long (more like 20 1/2 with the continental kit on the back), six feet wide and nearly 10 feet tall from the ground to the top of the air conditioner.  Charley started out life as a Mercedes Sprinter Van, with a nice turbo-diesel engine that gets nearly 20 miles per gallon.  The folks up in Canada at the Roadtrek plant modified the van and added loads of standard features, including a power sofa that converts to a bed, a small, but usable bathroom with shower and a pretty complete kitchen.  There’s all of the standard motorhome features as well, like a built-in generator, water heater, television, inverter, etc.

The selling factor for us wasn’t really how much Charley resembles a larger motorhome, but how much Charely reminds us of a car.  We can drive it like a car.  Park it like a car.  Store it like a car (well, it doesn’t fit in the garage, but that’s another story.)  For photographers, it’s the perfect combination.  We can sleep in it.  Eat it in.  Shower in it.  And we can also make those unplanned quick-stops at the side of the road when we see a photo opportunity.  We can also easily park it at events, street fairs and other busy tourist spots.

It was an easy decision to make, but if you’re thinking about it for yourself, and you’ve never owned a motorhome before, be prepared for a pretty steep learning curve.  Each system is unique and requires your knowledge to function at an optimal level.  It isn’t scary and it isn’t all that hard to learn, but it does take some time.

That’s it for now.  I just wanted you to know what we’re driving.  I know there are a million Class B’s out there and each one is special, so we’re looking forward to hearing about your rig, how you use it, what you like and don’t like about it, and most importantly, where you’ve taken it and what kind of photos you’ve taken while you were there.

As always, feel free to leave a comment.  We’d love to hear from you.Meet Charley

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  1. Did you check out any other Class B’s and why did you decide on the Road Trek?
    Thanks for any info you can provide. Are you happy with it? Any problems or complaints?

    1. Hi Donna,

      The Roadtrek Agile fit our needs the best because it’s built on the smaller SS Sprinter design. Being only 20 feet long, we can get in and out of places easily, which is perfect for photographers. The Roadtrek has everything we need and we’ve loved travelling in it. There were a couple of breaking-in problems that weren’t major, but turned into more of a problem because of the terrible dealer service we received. If you’re interested in buying one, make sure you check out the dealer’s reputation. We live in Central California and there aren’t very many dealers, and the only one near to us sold Roadtrek’s and Winnebagos, but the winnis only came in the larger 23 foot size. We probably would have checked out the Airstreams or Pleasureways but we couldn’t find any near us. We also bought a new one because the resale values are so high. The new warranty has been valuable.

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